In the recent development over the much privacy and security issues Facebook has decided to launch one-time passwords, which will ensure the safety while logging in from public computers into a Facebook account. It also claims the system will help prevent cyber-criminals accessing users’ accounts.

Facebook is set to deliver this service through mobile phones where users will have to text the words ‘otp’ to 32665 after which the temporary password will be delivered. However the password is set to expire within 20 minutes after its delivery.

The new temporary log-ins is a new initiative by Facebook in order to limit the privacy violations that people face by forgetting to log out of public computers. However the new security policy is not being seen as great initiative among many security experts who claim that a temporary password can stop keylogging spyware, which will enable hackers to have an easy entry into a user account.

The new feature will allow users to sign out of Facebook remotely, therefore making is easier for users to sign out from a mobile phone or any other public computer.