It was only recently that Cisco decided to conduct an exam that is largely associated with the certification that is required for becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate. The name of the exam is the 640-816 Interconnecting Networking Devices Part 2, or more famously known as the popular ICND2. The candidates can easily prepare for the exam by taking the course.

This exam works by testing the knowledge set as well as the skills that the candidates have. It tries to figure out whether or not the candidates possess the necessary know-how and skills that are required for successfully installation, operation, as well as troubleshooting processes, even if the network in question is only a small or medium sized enterprise.

Cisco 640-816 covers topics regarding IPv6 addressing, VLSM, VTP, OSPF, EIGRP, RSTP, DHCP, and NAT. Other than those technology-related acronyms, the test also covers matters that involve the extension of networks that have been switched with VLANs, verifying, configuring, as well as troubleshooting VLANs, establishing the involved IP routes, establishing point to point, as well as frame relay connections, and also managing any IP traffic.

Cisco 640-816

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