The age of destruction has already begun. The lands have started to sink and if the population keeps on going at the same rate then the day is not far when the whole earth will be submerged and life forms will vanish.  The only way to stop it is by lessening our use of fossil fuels because these are main reason of this uncontrollable population.

The major use of fossil fuels is in driving motorized vehicles hence it makes sense to find an alternative to it. There are many options that have been developed over the past few years but the major breakthrough has been achieved by MIT researchers who have developed a battery that can provide high power for long periods of time.

For long, battery and capacitors have provided their individual functions to perfection. While battery provides low power but is able to sustain it for long periods of time and on the other hand Capacitors can store charges and then can release them all in a go, as a result the power rating is quite high but it’s time period is limited. Now the ultimate goal of researchers was to decrease the shortcoming on any one of them.

In their quest of work they could never find a right combination for the contraption to work. However a brilliant idea of using Carbon nano tubes did the trick.

To create the electrodes of this battery they used carbon nano tubes which were dipped in carboxyl solution, so as to increase the mobility of the ions around it. And for the other electrode they used a Lithium coating.

The results were quite encouraging as this new battery was able to generate 100kW of power at a steady rate. This was slightly better than the present Lithium Ion batteries.

While using a Li-Ti alloy, which is common used in capacitors the result was very pleasing as it was able to generate 5 KW of continuous power per second. What was more amazing that there was no drop in this power even after 2500 cycles?

In the end it seems scientists have been able to find a mid way between batteries and capacitors. While this new battery is still in testing stage but the initial result have been very positive and if the concept of Carbon nano tubes is developed, there may actually be a time where vehicles like trucks and loading tractors, machines that guzzle a lot of pollution will run on the cleaner fuels and we might actually we able to save our earth, at least for some time.