Blackberry is a remarkable invention in the range of smart phones. Over the last decade, the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) has designed some unmatched blackberry phones with unique features.

Blackberry can also be termed as Personal Digital Assistant. It is known for its unmatched capabilities of the address book, to do list, calendar, media player, push internet e-mail, Wi-Fi connectivity, Social Networking sites’ notification, high internet speed, 3G technology, etc. to name a few.

Blackberry has been upgraded as per time and needs of the consumers. Blackberry originally had monochrome display; however all the other Blackberry phones have color display now. Its operating system supports various applications, which is also upgraded as per time.

The latest advancement is the Blackberry Desktop Software 6.0 Limited Beta. You would notice some major changes, both inside and outside, if you compare it with Blackberry’s Desktop Manager

Research In Motion had done a thorough Research & Development of Blackberry Desktop Software 6.0 to give to a completely different experience of Blackberry 6. Research In Motion has been very modest about the new development and has shown some new screen shots of the same.

Generally, when a new product is developed and about to be launched, it goes through various stages of different tests. The first stage in which the product’s software is tested and rectified, if required, within the company, is called the Alpha stage.

The second stage is known as Beta, in which the product is released to a group of users for free or on reduced price. Beta version generally has all the features of the final product; however, it has limited technical support for the users, if any available. Hence, it is called limited beta version.

Blackberry had recently launched the Desktop Software 6.0 in Limited Beta Version and is open for users’ reviews and comments for further advancement in the same, if required, so that the end product is error free and user friendly.

Blackberry is the pioneer in launching advanced technologies and latest software. Desktop Software 6.0 is another milestone in Blackberry success story. The new interface of this software is quite interesting and impressive. Blackberry Desktop software 6.0 helps the users to synchronize their handsets with their computers to install new software, keep the back up data, etc. All this and a lot more can be done via this software as it comes with Blackberry media sync, which helps in uploading media files to the smart phone.

Blackberry Desktop software 6.0 is highly responsive as compared to the other versions. It has a wonderful dark theme as background which makes it very impressive as well. Though Blackberry has many competitors in the market, however, this product might outshine others in no time.