What will you do if you forget your path while traveling? Ask someone who passes by you, isn’t it? But what if you get stuck in a forest or any remote location? You need GPS and a map as these two features are quite useful in those circumstances and many of the recent cars have built-in GPS system and maps. Now General Motors is all set to empower its Chevy Volt with all new features of Google earth map with Android technology. (Android is the operating system developed by Google which is installed in various advanced mobile phones)

In this latest technology market GM has made an edge by incorporating Google maps in its previous On star technology over various other brands like Mercedes and Ford.

With the help of one star technology, just by synchronizing GPS enabled mobiles with your automobile it enables us to use features like:

1.Making emergency calls, in case you are stuck in a remote area or your car breaks down or there is no other means of communication, then you will be able to use this amazing feature.
2.You can turn off the ignition of your car remotely through phone and this is another great advantage if your car has started moving when you had just got down from it for a second and the engine was running. In case the gear shifts and the car moves, the ability to turn it off remotely is a great advantage and a safety feature.
3.You are also able to know the exact position of your stolen car and can also transmit the way of car to nearby police station.

These are some of the safety features that are available for the cars and they will help to increase the benefit for the car owners. The availability of some of the other important information like petroleum level, battery charging, fuel efficiency can also be seen in your mobile screen remotely by adding new Google earth facility on it. On star technology has driven General Motors way ahead from other leading automobile brands but it requires Android 2.0 version phones to have all these features available.

Using Google Maps is free unlike other sites and easy which provides various options like searching destination through voice control, traffic viewer, street view and many more. It also features voice navigation tool that can help you to find out the position or distance between your mobile and car location.

This application will help us in various situations like parking at heavily crowded airport or malls, when there is a chance of forgetting our car position. Google maps will help you to explore new cities, restaurants, petrol pumps, tourist areas; all are displayed in maps and will navigate you.

Though only demo version of this application has been released, its full version will be launched with Volt itself. Announcement of Integrated Google Maps in New Chevy Volt has setup a new trend and competition among car manufacturers. This will definitely benefit consumers and will make our journey safe and tension free.