Computer games are the new source of entertainment for many people today. “All work and no play”, they say “makes Jack a dull boy” and so in as much as computers were designed to be used for serious work, they also have games and other sources of entertainment. Games have been a source of entertainment for humans through the ages. However, the introduction of computers has brought a new twig to playing games, computer games. Most of the computer games are emulations of real world situations and games.

Casinos and entertainment centers are taking advantage of the goodies offered by computer based games by changing their manual gaming interfaces to sophisticated computer based ones. Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa and Spa Resort Casino has joined the elite ranks by offering its guests and clients access to Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface is an interactive surface computer that is not common on the market. The device with a 360-degree computer screen and can fit on a tabletop, has been loaded with games.

Advantages of Computer Gaming

Computer games are considered safe especially for children, as they are less likely to cause injury. Hide and seek as well as fighting games, which require people running about and chasing each other, have now be emulated into computers and can be played by multiple players. The activities that require action are now done with the computer keyboard, of the players.

Most of the computer games require less energy to play. Some casino games require turning some wheels and pulling some bars. In some of the regular games, the wheels and bars are heavy and require a lot of energy to push and pull around. Computer based versions of such games require less energy and the largest amount of energy expended is pressing a mouse button or pressing a key on the keyboard. This makes them attractive to the aged and sick, who have less energy to spend on outdoor games.

A Sedentary life?

Computer games also offer portability that is not offered by many of the traditional games. With computer devices, any game can be played anywhere. For instance, one can ‘play’ football, car racing or boxing games in the comfort of his home, in the bus or when waiting in the queue at a supermarket. This brings convenience in gaming and means no boredom.

Computer games also have a longer lifespan than the traditional gaming device. With the game of Scrabbles for instance, the letter chips can get missing, the card based board can get torn or damaged when it comes in contact with water and may generally tear as a result of handling. The computer based Scrabble does not have any of these problems. The program is stored on the computer and the game can be played when needed. The chips never get missing and the board never comes in contact with water too!

The traditional gaming devices however offer the users the opportunity to exercise their bodies. The pulling, pushing and turning movements made while playing games on devices can help to exercise the various parts of the body, thus developing a healthier individual. In spite of the ease of use of the computer games, computer gaming has come to stay and may gradually replace the traditional games that we know.