Apple Computers started from a small and humble beginning. It was then a small competitor in the computing market and now is threatening to become the leader in the computing market. This success has however brought attention to the firm, as more government agencies are scrutinizing its operations and trying to look for loopholes in the functioning of the giant in computer and related manufacturing.

“Apple incorporated” is an American company that designs consumer electronics, software and personal computers. It is also the producer of the popular Macintosh computers. Their software packages include Mac OS, X operation system, the iTunes media browser, iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software, Aperture among others. Apple Computers Incorporated started as a non-threatening computer producer compared to the market leader, Microsoft.

An Emerging Giant

Apple has grown over the years, producing more innovative products and adopting various strategies for sales, and now is threatening to become the number one in the computing market, overtaking Microsoft. In the past, Apple was only a small competitor in the Operating Systems market, but has restructured itself as a competing force and now getting ready to take on the leadership role on the computing market. Its iPhone that is now leading in the mobile computing world similarly the iPad also leads in the digital Media Player market. Though Apple’s computer sales market share is below 10 percent, it has 25 percent share in the smart phone market and more than 70 percent of the digital media player market.

Apple had always made it a point to come up with products that are the first of its kind in the market. Apple’s computers over the years differed from computers produced by other firms in their compatibility and portability. Macintosh came with the processors and display unit in one while other producers produced a system unit and a monitor that were separate. Apple’s iPod, iPhone and now the iPad products also came as the first of its kind in the market, appealing to a lot of people.

Hurdles on the Way

Apple also came up with good marketing strategies to market their products to the public. Though some of these strategies are being criticized and some resulting in law suits against Apple, they have helped make Apple computers popular. The recent strategy that is dragging a lot of controversy is the decision of Apple to modify its iPhone structure so that developers developing applications for it will have to use platforms prescribed by the company.

Apple’s products are particularly appealing to the youth. The iPod, particularly made for paying digital media is loved by young people. It plays every kind of media from videos to music to viewing pictures. The iPhone comes with a music player as well, so in addition to being a phone, it offers high storage capacity, media player and many more features.

Apple’s products are also simple and easy to use. The iPod, iPhone and iPad come with touch screen, so no hidden buttons or key combinations to perform a command. The interface is simple with good user-friendly help facilities.

The sudden emergence of Apple Computers Incorporated as potential market leader has raised a lot of eyebrows. State agencies are beginning to look into their activities and operations, especially their marketing strategies. They have a genuine concern as they have the responsibility of protecting consumers.