The users of AT&T have finally been give an option of being able to tether their iPhone to their laptops. This will enable them to be able to share the data connection. This is not yet done but these are the rumors that are floating out of the latest iPhone OS 4 beta versions. a new software that is a beta software was distributed amongst developers on Tuesday night. Those of the developers who have access to Mac rumors were able to dig up a whole new configuration screen that shows that AT&T users will be able to set up the tethering on their accounts. This can be done either by phoning up AT&T or by visiting their website.

Apple was the first to announce the use of iPhone users and they being allowed to tether. This was in June 2009 at WWDC. However, there was a catch in this by means of it would only be compatible with global carriers and AT&T was not a global carrier. The carrier said that it would go on to offer a feature like this along with the multimedia messaging MMS capabilities later on. However, so far they have only been able to provide MMS to their clients and this was until the end of year 2009. Last month, AT&T mentioned that they wanted to be sure that they would be able to better their network before allowing iPhone to be tethered.

The iPhone has always had the inbuilt tethering capacity in their iPhone OS 3 for the other carriers. Those customers who had the AT&T network were using it with the help of jailbreak. Therefore, even if AT&T did not actually allow tethering customers had found a way out of this predicament! At the moment there has been nothing heard from AT&T about this, but needless to say that they are really not happy with the way that it has been going.

The screenshot that was leaked from iPhone OS 4 offers some hope to the users of AT&T. They have been for long wanting just this kind of a feature. Although people are advised not to really get excited about this the reason being no one knows the price tag that is going to be attached to it. But there is one thing that is absolutely sure in this entire scenario. That is that AT&T is certainly not going to take these things lying down. It is certainly not going to allow its network to be plundered like this and that to without people paying anything further for enjoying this premium service. They will certainly tap into this service and offer it way above their normal data plans.

When AT&T was asked about the latest leak they did not comment on it. In fact at this point of time all is quiet at AT&T’s end. They are not in a hurry to go on and announce anything so far.