To receive acknowledgment and praise from the best Electronic and Home Décor magazine is surely a thing to boast about. Recently Electronic House gave its readers such experience by giving away the home of the Year awards.

The master of the electronic magazine world “Electronic House” unveiled the “HOME OF THE YEAR AWARDS” for the 5th annual time and when Electronic House awards something, the thing surely has something special, and as it is one of most respected magazines in the industry. There were more than 15 categories in which electronics were awarded including the same component in different price ranges also. The categories were like Best overall homes, Best kitchens, Best suites etc. The event had a huge range of gadgets with more than 250 audio-visual device and the best homes which seemed more than heavens. The award winning homes had some finest interiors with fantabulous home theaters connected with even more mind blowing kitchens, Jacuzzis and the extremely beautiful and scenic view the home had.

The Best Home theater system was distributed in the four categories according to price i.e 25k-50k$, 50k-100k$, 100k-250k$ and then 250 thousand dollars plus range. Then further awards were like the Best Kitchen, Best Suite, Best Family Room, Best Fun Room, Best Integrated Home, Best Themed room, Best Outdoor Space, Best Interactive Room.

One of the houses which won the Gold in the Best Home theater in the 25000$-50000$ category which had a carpet flooring and velvet ropes separating Atlantic Radio and kaleidoscope. It had a great acoustic which kept the price of the room in control. The room also had a Samsung Blu-Ray player with a JVC HD-ILA projector for the 120-inch Stewart Studiotek 130 screen embodied with Paradigm Studio speakers.

In the Best Outdoor Category space the gold was won by an eleven thousand square foot home which a huge swimming pool with a great barbeque pit and an expensive kitchenette. It can be called a hidden electronic island in the picturesque scenario, which had so much of technology added in the outdoors. All the speakers and sophisticated equipments including the lights were superbly hided in the bushes and the lawns of the scenic place. There was a full fleeted projection screen which was on the commercial levels. The screen was a sparkling 123 inch Stewart Filmscreen which rallied down on the adjoined with weather resistant Klipsch surround-sound system that transformed the place into an outdoor cinema.

The Best Master Suite Gold was won by place which was hiding plasma screens and would transform into the bestest of home theaters with a feather click. The four hundred square feet room was a normal looking grand style with wooden furniture at first site but with a feather touch on the remote wheeling with Apple TV, a media server and DirecTV receiver the room transforms into a more than a theater. As the TV cabinet raising along the border of the bed the speaker hidden into the ceiling roll down and provide a show of excellence. The most powerful systems of all which had   the most powerful lighting sytem which was also activate with the touch of a remote and powered by Lutron Lighting system.

The awards are sure to stay for long and are proving a huge hit even in its early stages. They pick up the best from the best, which is chosen by the best. So Thumbs Up! And do keep building more innovative and electrically smart houses.