World’s two leading companies took the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain by surprise. Nokia and Intel confirmed the release date of the new hybrid operating system, MeeGo in October 2010. Moblin is the open source operating system from Intel and Maemo is the software platform developed by Nokia for Smartphones and internet tablets. The association between these two open source project is the driving point of this OS.

During the announcement, it was clearly stated that the operating system (OS) will support both the Intel as well as ARM based processors. Nokia wants to fully adopt the new OS for their upcoming N-series. MeeGo is a Linux- based operating system built for various platforms with the core idea to provide a non proprietary form of code building that can engage both the in house as well as enthusiast developers. The MeeGo team has already created the first version of the Handset project so that a reference experience. In fact, the design principles and guidelines for integration are pretty much on the way.

The whole idea of MeeGo is to provide a level playing field in terms of ease of inter-connectivity. As a result, the OS is designed to run seamlessly on various small and medium devices from the handheld tablets, Smartphones, laptops and even TV to a great extent. While all platforms will use the MeeGo core, however, the “User Experience” for each device, will vary according to the latter’s functionality.

Specific features of MeeGo will include the following:-

  • Optimised performance and features enabling rich computational and graphically oriented application and connected services development
  • Internet standards delivering the best web experiences with no compromise
  • Linux Foundation will manage its open source project organization
  • State of the art Linux stack specialized for size and accessibility of small footprint platforms and mobile devices
  • Capability to deliver broad Linux software application compatibility

Nokia has declared that it is dropping Symbian and instead opting for MeeGo in its high end N-series. This should be an interesting moment as the high-end Smartphone market is being currently led by brands like Apple, HTC, RIM (Blackberry) etc.

October will see the release of the touch-based device support with handset UX. Supported device handset are Nokia and Aava.

Odds for Nokia

Currently, high-end smartphones have the most wide market options. Its all upon presenting the device as something really more and better than any other. To achieve this objective, the companies have to keep upgrading on every detailed inch. Nokia, once the reigning king among cellular phones can precisely bank upon the fact that it has joined hands with the leading computing organization of the world thereby expanding its horizons on the technical as well as marketing level. Speculations will undoubtedly be high and odd.

Revolutionizing Cellphone for the New Generation

Another revolution is expected to happen in cellphone technology with the launch of MeeGo. I am expecting a lot in terms of better web Apps and multi-tasking options. User interface can be expected to be a lot more friendly therefore easier navigation options. Windows centric users can look forward to something here. Though tech critics term are not too much in favour of the gadget but there are certain very promising advantages such as support for portrait display, Ovi store, Intel App store and compatibility with Qt & Ui framework. And one should also not overlook the fact that its offering multi-device usage. This can stand out as a highlighting point.