On one end, ASUS GeForce GTX 480 ENGGTX480 is not only an enchanting product but also has proved to be multitudinous performer. In addition, it is found to be highly compatible with DirectX 11 with an incomparable image quality that is greatly integrated with sophisticated sets of features. However, on the other side, this efficient product is prevailed with little disturbing factors like heat and level of noise. These strictly non-effective factors have undoubtedly let this product to be hold back by many elite customers who are unfortunately not ready to grandly opt for the other products of similar caliber.

NVIDIA’s BIOS update and its neutralization on deficits of ASUS GeForce GTX 480 ENGGTX480

Recently the BIOS update NVIDIA invariably addressed that the heat levels of ASUS GeForce GTX 480 ENGGTX480 are very limited which truly made this product a little more attractive to its interested consumers but it is unfortunately inevitable that this product is bound to be a noisy fracker. To counteract the insufficiencies that were imposed on GTX 400 series by NVIDIA, the ODM and ABS definitely had not only to be more productive but also had to be quite reasonable in searching for the novel features to effectively make the product more attractive. This is vitally known as a creating incentive. Although ASUS grandly stucked to the design that was considerably opted to be reference but they have sincerely out figured with their release of ENGGTX480 series GeForce GTX 480 cards with the optimum voltage control of GPU.

Revealing my true experiences on ASUS GeForce GTX 480 ENGGTX480

Now that I am writing this introductory part I still have not really installed the card and am quite ignorant about its performance. But I am wondering with release of its gracious graphics card that which when stressed can easily run to an unbelievable level of 90 °C. Moreover, there is also a fabulous utility of over clock tweak incorporated with tweaking of voltage. These crucial factors are thus making me to seriously scratch back of my ears and at least raise one of my eye browse. Thus, with these valid experiences, it can be safely mentioned that the essential tweaking of voltage in GTX 400 series truly needs a cooling that is either customized or better said it requires a perfect setup of liquid cooling.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that we have to never accept things as granted and ODMS are always correct until they are proved to be other way round by our detailed surveys and eventually reviews. So, it is advisable to have an essential peak to this amazing product that we are bound to test today and then we will look forward to avail a pretty fair and in depth review on ASUS GeForce GTX 480 ENGGTX480. But still the question remains to be answered that whether we are able to really increase the level of over clock with utilization of a little more of GPU voltage?