This write-up focuses on the description and the general public notion about the soon to be launched AMD fusion line of processors. As these are aimed in making the computers more graphically sound.

The world is getting smaller and more digitized day by day. Hence it is no wonder that the need for smarter and faster processers to cater our needs has become one of the essential needs of our existence. In this era AMD and ATI has decided to launch their revolutionary new processor The AMD Fusion. It is said to be able to manipulate the graphical data at break neck speeds on the serial computation lines that are generally used everywhere. It is indeed true that such a device can trigger a big change in our lives as  when it comes to dedicated GPU’s (Graphic Processing Unit) there are very limited number of options available for the users of choose upon.

The need for graphic chips has become important from the fact that most of the people prefer to interact online than in person. As a result they also access a lot of graphical data while on the internet. There are close to 40 million photos uploaded very day on the social networking sites and with the advent of YouTube accessing videos on the net lines have never been the same.

As a result there is a need for low power processors who can work in sync with these humongous data’s and give out in the middle.

A prototype of AMD fusion was unveiled in a recently concluded conference in Taiwan and its capabilities were on display.  AMD fusion is a four core processor and with one has a dedicated task to accomplish. Starting with the first one the tasks are General Usage, Data Centric, Graphic Centric and Media Centric.

There are also rumors that these processors are slated to work on very less power. Although it cannot be confirmed but there have been many hints from the company that AMD fusion will be capable of working on just 9W. It means it could in direct competition with the Intel’s Atom line of series which have been designed to work on 8W power. However if AMD fusion is able to achieve this spec. then it might cause a great shift in the market as it will become the only processor that can dish out four core processing speeds while consuming power that is as low as 9W.

Slated for release in the second half of 2011, this is one product that the digital and computer world is waiting with bated breath.  AMD fusion line of processors can mean that the general computation itself is going to change and the wondrous graphics of operating systems like Windows & and Mac OS will then have to option to become even more glossy and capable. They will be able to do all this without losing on the speed that has been a big problem with all the high resolution computers.