There has been a number of news about the Windows 7 Slate that was supposed to be launched pretty soon. HP has recently taken over Palm in an international deal while there has been no news from the HP officials about the launch of the expected HP Windows 7 Slate.

The Controversy

HP was expected to launch a Windows 7 Slate later this year and there had been huge talks going on with respect to the topic but there has been no news from the source until now. It seems to many as if the partnership has been dissolved. Just to reaffirm this assumption, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer hasn’t mentioned HP in the group of companies that it has partnerships with at the Worldwide Partners Conference recently. The chief executive, however talked about the Windows 7 slate.

HP was amongst all the companies that were listed to produce Windows 7 slates in this year or the start of the following but there seems to be no news about this anymore. Another issue that might be accounting for this issue is that Microsoft has a plan to launch a swiveling tablet that has a keyboard as well while HP has already launched the Touchsmart TM2 with the same design and specifications. There will be no difference if HP upgrades the system in the last quarter of this year. It will be rather a benefit to HP as well as they can justify this to be another of the progress of Windows 7 as being a touch friendly OS.

HP’s Expected plans

HP seems to have plans different compared to the expected ones. You might expect HP to come up with a better idea instead. This is probably because the entry of iPad into the market has been acknowledged as something remarkable. The machine was warmly welcomed by people from around the world coming up with some of the very excellent responses. The company might be expected to launch something really cool compared to the features that iPad provides. This can be something based on Windows 7 or even a WebOS to give it even better functionality.

HP has expressed this view in a number of conferences around the world. They are reported to have a competition with Apple in the tablet arena. The company is probably considering to have a lot in their planned product later this year. The transformation of tablets have iPad as the inspiration in one way or the other and vendors to provide something more qualitative then the competitor.

There had been no recent verdict from the HP officials as well as no solid statement from Microsoft if there is going to be a HP Windows 7 Slate or not but one thing that certainly makes a sense here is that HP is working on the upcoming project of a Slate most expectedly based on WebOS as this is the key to future machines. The WebOS is certainly going to give the tablet PC a new dimension.