The world’s most popular search engine, Google has problems with an Australian businessman over the name of his website called Groggle. Google feels that the name “Groggle” is deceptively similar to its trademark name and they want to eliminate such a possibility. The owner of the website is Cameron Collie and it is problems galore for him because Google is really serious about this particular trademark name and they do not want the term “Groggle” to be patented as it could prove harmful for the integrity of the Google search engine.

The website Groggle was the result of hard work for two years by Cameron Collie and he feels that Google is unfair on their allegations. This website is actually an alcohol comparison website which allows the users to know and compare the rates of different varieties and brands of alcohols in the market. The website allows the users to find the cheapest priced alcohol in the country with ease.

It is not only about the amount of hard work put in to build the website but also the money spend on setting it up and also to get the domain names and other relevant internet features. Mr. Cameron Collie said that he had spent thousands of dollars over the past two years setting up this particular website and it is really embarrassing to hear such an allegation from the search engine giant. He also says that the site was completely ready for its launch which could help the customers search for the cheapest priced alcohol quite easily.

And when he was ready to patent his website, Google sent him a letter saying that there was some sort of distinct similarity between the names and they want it to be changed. They also want him to transfer the domain names to them as well. This news was quoted in the webpage of Sydney Morning Herald, one of Australia’s most popular newspapers.

The strange thing about this allegation is that IP Australia has accepted Mr. Cameron Collie’s application to trademark and patent Groggle. It was then the letter arrived at Collie’s hands saying that he removes all the patent names and domains as soon as possible on grounds of trademark similarities. The letter also mentioned that if Collie is not ready to abide by, then Google will sue him to the courts immediately and will take necessary actions on counts of copyright issues.

Mr. Collie says that he is not in a position to fight the Google regarding this issue and he wants the search giant to reconsider this issue. He also mentioned that the term “groggle” was nothing but a popular term used in Australia for liquor/alcohol i.e. grog and there was no serious intention to harm the integrity of Google. He also pleaded that they should allow him to continue with the same trademark name so that he does not incur any losses. However Google Australia restrained from responding to Mr. Collie’s pleas.