Smartphone market is an excellent venture these days with a lot of business opening altogether. There have been a number of entries into the market lately. You might come up with many interesting facts and figures unveiled to you with the members of the Smartphone community. The Apple’s models that were once considered to be obsolete are doing overwhelming business in the market. The model is actually vertical integration and has been doing pretty good for 5 years now. The market on the other hand was supportive to the horizontal specialization with companies like Microsoft and Intel.

The horizontal specialization:

In the horizontal specialization line, the models are built in parts by experts from around the industry. There are a number of parallel works that do occur at the same time but the complete system cannot be built until all the parts are ready. This might be the reason why Microsoft/Intel/OEM has dominated the PC world and not other devices. Intel and AMD do not come up with quite a lot of variations over time the so does Microsoft refreshes the operating system every 3-5 years. Similarly OEM comes up with a change every several years.

This is the reason why the horizontal integration is in pressure these days. It takes quite a lot of time for the product and their component to come alive and strike the stores.

The Dell Streak:

The Dell Streak is not a standard in any of the Smartphone capabilities and the product started up with the Android 1.6 and has risen to version 2.2. If the company was to launch the phone with Android 2.2, they would have come up with a device made for Android 2.2 right away. This usually happens with such hardware renderers as they are part of the horizontal industry while the other mobile phone industries are coming up with products every now and then.

Another excellent example is the formation of Windows Phone 7 and now the company is coming up with the names of the mobile partners that will be joining it in the mobile devices arena. The OS has been launched recently and now the hardware industry has started doing the necessary actions.

The Vertical Integration:

In an industry that supports vertical integration, you have all the parts manufactured in a parallel process. The software and hardware engineers of Apple start working at the same time and they try and make sure that every process go harmonious with each other.

This is the probable reason why vertical integration is going up a hike and confronting many changes rapidly. There seem to be no big difference between the launch of one device and the announcement to the next one. Even tycoons like HP have integrated themselves with Palm and now they are moving into the vertical integration industry. RIM that is the Smartphone company that holds Apple back is also vertically integrated. The ability to develop devices and the platform parallel to each other have set these companies get better and more up to date phones with the best available features.