The HD 5750 ATX HDMI Graphics Card has come up with rapid and enhanced clocks along with greater transistor density from the earlier series. This product has the most developed GPUs along with unbelievable amalgamation of attributes, better and faster integrated memory, accuracy and performance goes hand in hand together with the capacity to seek benefit of future.


The specification of the product include the PCI Express HDMI Port offers 1 x HDMI Video Card Bus Version, chipset model name is Radeon HD Chipset, Model Number is 5750, name of the manufacturer ATI DVI, model name is GV-R575D5-1GD, Memory Width is supported to 128bit Video Card Bus Type, graphics card is ATX, VGA port: 1 x 15-pin D-Sub Form Factor, memory size is of 1024MB and Memory Clock gives around 4600MHz of speed.

Performance and Capability

The quality of high definition video it offers is quite remarkable. It is completely perfect, flat and great fidelity produced on video playback. This sort of technology allows the user to transform the system into an extremely invincible component where one can find digital home media centre through its convincing video channel organization. The product contains the new high definition video hardware acceleration kit which includes WMV9 and H.264.


The Catalyst Control Center sets off distantly from the old driver software. It contains quality features including 3D at a fast rate with managing application that puts the user in total authority of the ATI visual processing unit. The driver provides outstanding image quality and graphics performance which sets the decisive mood in terms of constancy, modernism as well as performance. The Catalyst Control Center also offers convention profiles, flexible hotkeys and secure GPU over clocking are few among the latest inculcated features.

High Definition Multimedia Interface is the latest check point used as a benchmark for the users electronics components which includes HDCP secluded digital audio as well as video into a lone, user-responsive connector. One can thoroughly enjoy immense graphics response, enhanced steadiness, and an intensified high definition gaming familiarity with the use of this product. The use of ATI Catalyst software is arrange for the easy and quick set up of video, several displays, graphics and mechanically configures the most favorable system backdrop for the best performance of realistic the visually spectacular Windows Aero user check point and DirectX 10 gaming console.


The authority of DirectX 11 has major contribution towards the overwhelming performance, astonishing special effects and additional lively interactivity which has been seen never before. The graphics driver makes it a point to offer application compatibility with the versions of the DirectX 11. The PCI Express 2.0 is the latest updated version of PCI Express cards and provides double usage than the older version. It also offer maximum throughputs with this product and the bandwidth jumps from 2.5 Gbit/sec to 5 Gbit/sec which is indeed unique in this respect.

These products are well competent of functioning at a higher temperature and are directed by the regulation of RoHS that may restrict application with objectionable substances.