The former White House advisor Richard A. Clarke recently wrote a book named Cyber War: The Next Threat To National Security And What To Do About It. In the book, he mentioned that Microsoft was a successful business organization with low quality products. According to him, Microsoft built their billion dollar empire with market dominance and poor standard of goods.

Clarke has been well known for his talent and foresight as he even warned the White House about the September 11, 2001 attack on Twin Towers. He became an important public figure on security issues after the incident and everything he says are taken seriously.

Danger to America due to Cyber war

In the book, Clarke said that America has more disadvantages than most other countries in the cyber war and the civilians and civilian organizations have more chance to get harmed by the cyber war than the government itself as they are directly related with the civilian system.

An imaginary situation

He quotes the example of the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). In the book, Clarke describes an imaginary situation. He asks you to think of yourself as the President’s Assistant of the Homeland Security. If you find a message in you cell phone from the National Security Agency, stating that a severe malware is taking over the internet within USA territory and causing some massive damage. However, by the time you reach your office, one of the main networks of DoD has crashed and the malware is spreading very fast, causing some of the major security breaches all over America. Air traffic system can collapse, data storages in FBI, CIA and NSA can have a major blockage, the whole country will have black outs. The question is what you should do.

The book caught the eyes of most of the chief magazines including Fresh Air, Wired, and Wall Street Journal, that made reviews on the book. Most of them supported Clarke’s ideas and supported his suggestion to take necessary security steps.

Permanent solutions for Cyber war scare

Clarke blamed the government regulations for the delay in decisions to take necessary steps against the problem and he made a list of the companies that can be severely affected in the country. In his list, Microsoft took the 5th place among the seven business associations. He said that Microsoft has always been one of the major donors for the American government; but this is a way of telling them to use their products in places like the Pentagon, causing a huge volume of security flaws in the programs. He claimed that by making the large donation, Microsoft wants to keep the government’s mouth shut about their business with China.

Clarke does mention that Microsoft never claimed that their products are designed to work with critical networks; however his methods were unsuccessful in making a good impression. He said that the goal of Microsoft is to sell their product at a low cost without caring about the quality.

Several of the suggestions made by Clarke have faced criticism by the technology reviewers and his scary story about Microsoft was also not well accepted by all.