Technology has undergone incredible advancements over the past few years, and digital cameras are no exception. Gone are the days where the photographer stood under a black sheet to take a photograph that took days to develop. These days, digital cameras make it easy for you to take and share photos.

What is a digital camera?

A digital camera is a device that allows you to capture pictures in terms of bytes and bits. This is the language that computers understand, and therefore these pictures can be uploaded on your computers. The picture is made up of tiny dots called pixels, each having a certain color to them. Like a normal camera, a digital camera still has a lens in order to focus and capture the images. This electronic information can then be broken down into digital data by a computer.

What is the resolution?

The resolution of a camera refers to the amount of detail that a camera can capture. This is measured in units called pixels. More the pixels of a camera and finer the picture quality will be. Camera’s 256×256 resolution totals 65000 pixels and this is what you will find with the cheapest cameras. Its 1216×912 resolution is a megapixel, which is great if you want to print pictures. The best digital camera will have a resolution of 4064×2704, which is a staggering 11.1 megapixels. With this you can print pictures that are13.5×9 inch, without losing the quality.

How do you take a picture?

Taking a photo with a digital camera is much the same as with a normal camera. Aim the camera at whatever you want to take a picture of, and use the optical zoom feature to go further away or get closer. When you are ready just press the shutter release button. The camera will focus and takes note of the amount of light available. It will then make the necessary changes to the exposure and the shutter will close. A processor then turns this data into pixels. With most digital cameras you will be able to view the picture you have taken on an LCD screen.

How many pictures can you take?

Each camera has a built in memory that will allow you to take a certain amount of pictures. You can expand this memory by using an SD card. The size of these cards range from a few hundred megabytes to a few gigabytes. All pictures you take will then are stored on there. You will be able to connect your camera to your computer using a data cable, or you can simply insert the SD card into the slot on your laptop. In this way you can transfer your photos and store them, email them or use them as wallpaper.

Digital cameras are indeed a blessing if you are used to taking loads of pictures. It will ensure that you get a great picture any time and will store as many as you want. It allows you to print pictures and send them to people all over the world. It is truly an all-in-one piece of technology.