The joint venture of IBM and Microtek, the two gigantic figures in the market introduced the new IEEEE’s chipset for personal wide area network. Even though there were vibes in the market on the chipset however when the debut was made by the both the companies together, things got more apparent.Undoubtebly the new standard would help enormously to overcome the snarl of cables, control signal amongst multi media equipment, thus letting large volume of data to be transferred wirelessly. The technology would be available for commercial usage by the year 2011.It has been over seven years, IBM and microtek are working together to bring the low cost integrated circuits.


Since the year 2004, the intensive development in the field of silicon based chipset yielded 60 GHz fully integrated receiver and transmitter chipset. The silicon germanium circuit contains sixteen planar antennas .The planar antennas have 288 pin ball grid array packages and uses a 120 nanometer design rules. It is the most low cost, multi layered organic package which would make high performance 60GHz chipset communication.


The performance and the subsequent figures are going to astonish people all around. With the data rate of 4 GB per second, even uncompressed 1080 pixel video and audio files could be transfred.If a coordinator node or multiple station nodes is connected, it could very well be used in a personal wide area network or wireless video area network. It would make some versatile contributions in HDTV sets, laptops, PC and other devices which demand a fast speed connection.


• The cabling structure takes a lot of space in the office infrastructure and also it gets difficult to maintain such complex network of cables, the 60GHz band offers the replacement of all the cabling. Instead the wide personal area network would give exponentially high data rate with AES 128 bit encryption.
• Connection of wireless devices with in the premises would now be extremely convenient with the take over of 60GHz chipset. The interconnect would also stream data much faster than ever before and the device like PDA’s,laptops,cameras an lot more would get the liberty to roam inside the network.
• The technology would also bring significant changes to high definition TV’s and would contribute to the speed of the information flow.
• Point to point links would also bring in approach to bring the cost down and would be primarily targeting on telecommunication.

Even though the 60 GHz signals are confined to the four walls, IBM and microtek have together implemented military phased array radar technology. Therefore even if there would be obstacles in side the room the signals would have alternatives to follow.NASA is the pioneer in setting up the technology and IBM and microtek have carried out the development in depth to get the 60GHz chipset. The 60 GHz chipset would make some millions of people get their jobs accomplished more efficiently in the most cost effective way.