Michael Dell spoke about the huge opportunity that exists in the update of infrastructure and the server cycles, cloud security and the iPad. The corporate IT sector is being driven into high performance zone by new chipsets and far better and more robust operating systems. This in turn expects corporate to renew their hardware as mentioned by the Dell’s Chief Executive, Mr. Michael Dell.

Mr. Dell at the Citrix Synergy meet said that although the cost cutting measures adopted by corporate have enabled them to save big time from power, space and a larger operating costs which they can now put to use for more and better upgrade to the already existing hardware.

As observed, with just a 30 to one server consolidation, a 94% reduce in the cost can be brought about. This is possible even if you have a three to four year old server. This was what was heard in the question answer round.

Michael further stated that he had already informed the Secretary of Energy about the huge opportunity that exists in update of infrastructure and the resultant cost saving that can be got about from it.
Companies are already spending a huge amount of money on the maintenance of hardware in order to enable them to save money to invest in further future growth.

Financial sectors need to upgrade to better server technology in order to keep in sync with competition; however in the retail sector this is not expected.

The start of Windows 7, which according to Dell is the best so far, has been an important factor in cost cutting. The internal and external help desk at Dell has found a reduction in calls with customers who have shifted to using Windows 7.

There is a need for 4G. This is going to be the new innovation that is somewhat akin to the leap that happened with Wi-Fi. There is a need for the extra network capacity and the current one is in no position to provide.

Dell had an extremely positive outlook about the cloud computing security. There are a few business applications that could run with complete security in the public cloud. This will not only be completely secure but the access to it will be accepted.

About the iPad, Dell answered a direct question tactfully. What were his company’s plans about the tablet market and all that Dell would disclose was that a great array of devices is there in many different form factors. He does not see the moving out the other sectors. He mentioned that applications and usage patterns are opening to the new entrants in this particular arena.

To sum up, what Michael Dell conveyed to the audience at the Citrix Synergy 2010 was that there does exist, new opportunities and chances for those in the IT sector who want to upgrade their infrastructure.