What Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has to say is that the latest record of sales numbers according to the market analysis firm NPD has good news in the offing for Mac sales in the third fiscal sales quarter of 2010. There was some worrisome thought about Apple’s iPad eating into the sales of Mac; the sales of Mac have shot up by 39% over the month of April. This is according to the latest Munster research note. As mentioned in the same note, the things for iPod aren’t as hunky dory. The sales for iPod have come down by 17% in April.

These figures show really well for Mac as the April sales have gone up for them in the quarter. Apple has been able to sell 3 million Macs last quarter which is 33% more than the year over year increase for the sales figures of the second quarter. According to Munster, there is bound to be a growth in the sales that will be anywhere between 19 to 23% for the third quarter that ends in June. This means that Apple might end up selling as many as 3.1 million and 3.2 million Macs. The sales figures show that the sale of iPads is in no way going to have an impact on the sale of Macs.

What is to be believed in the long run is that Mac will eat into the sales figures of the other products but within limits. According to Munster the company, Apple has been able to successfully been able to limit the functionality of the iPad and shift its focus to content consumption. Whereas, for the Mac the focus remains to be content creation!

The predictions that have been made by Munster are quite impressive to say the least. The growth rate at Apple especially in the third quarter has been considerable. This is far better than what it has been in the last two years. This is taking into consideration that Apple grew by 33% last quarter and there were no new Macs released then. The predictions cited by Munster seem to be a wee bit conservative to say the least. Apple has just come out with the new MacBook Pro models which are 15 and 17 inches respectively. These have several new features and updates to them that have been long awaited. There are strong rumors in the market that the models, the updated versions of MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and the LED cinema Display models might be released this quarter.

However, Apple has not been fortunate in its sale of the iPod. The sales for iPods have remained stagnant and for several quarters the iconic portable music device sales have continued to remain the same. At the same time the number of lost sales is going to either the iPad or the iPhone. Both of which are Apple products. Apple will certainly report a good amount of sales in July.