Cheer up friends since the streak cell phone of Dell stepped into the network of Telefonica’s O2 mobile on Friday of the current month. O2 being a network service provider of the United Kingdom is catering the exclusive data-only scheme for Streak phones. This latest technology is being introduced first by the O2 having a 5 inch screen with multi touch facility. This is a kind of hybrid product in the world of smart phones. Let’s find the pros and cons of the arrival of this sophisticated device

Exclusive data plan

The Dell offers excellent data plan for the O2 subscribers of the U.K. Subscribers enjoying the facility of 24 month plan of O2 at the monthly rental of $36.38 will get the device free of cost. This facility has also been offered to the customers who are availing the data voice scheme at the monthly cost of $50.93. The company is also interested to provide several benefits to the U.S. residents. The subscribers of AT&T in U.S. will be receiving the benefits from the middle of July. People are also allowed to purchase directly from the O2 without having any contract at the price $580.67.

Facing the Apple iPad

One of the strongest competitors of the Dell streak Tablet Phone is the Apple iPad. According to the research study carried out by Francisco Jeronimo the senior research Manager at the IDC, the two products will face sharp competition to catch the market. The study further shows that though Apple will retain its top position in this sphere but it needs to be more polished regarding its products. This is due to the fact that the new devices appearing in the market are to be available at a much lower cost than the Apple items.

Dell streak is the link between netbook and Smartphone

Following the words of the IDC experts, the Dell Streak Tablet mobile can be visualized as the link between the netbook and the Smartphone. This is due because, Dell is the hybrid of the former two device. Mr. Jeronimo also stated that throughout the year the customers will discover several form factors that will be launched by the company. Moreover, these form factors will be accompanied with various operating systems and multiple sizes of screens.

Providing collaboration and efficient communication

A device like streak is like a superb collaborator as well as a communicator. This fact has also been supported by the senior analyst of the Forrester Research Mr. Henry Dewing. According to Henry, this product is going to make the communication process between the workers of the mobile information more smooth and swift.

Other points to be considered

• The small size of the Dell Tablet phone is easy to carry anywhere.
• It provides enough big screen so that you can comfortably watch videos on it.
• The device supports the technology of unified conferencing which in turn results in collaborating audio and video conferencing.
• Despite of having so many aristocratic features there is little space for such devices that falls between a web tablet and a smart phone.

Finally, it can be said that the streak has generated mixed response due to its 5 inch screen size and apparent iPad like facilities.