There are so many useful tools in Windows 7 and people often use all of them but some of them remain unused. They are not so advertized and they remain well hidden. In this article we will describe about some of the most underused tools in Windows 7.

Security tools

Nowadays, security for computers is very important and people spend for higher security. Windows 7 has many security tools that can make your computer more secure. You can use fingerprint authentication on Windows 7. It can be on your keyboard or if it is not then you can add to your system. This feature is far more secure than typing passwords.  Windows 7 has also the Credential management feature. It can be used to store passwords for other computers you access over a network.

ISO burner

ISO burner is one more tool in the Windows 7 which is the most underused. Using this tool you can burn ISO images. It is a single file replication of an entire CD or a DVD. These tools can save your money if you want to burn the occasional disk from an ISO file. This feature is inbuilt in Windows 7 and to use this feature, you just have to double click the ISO image to burn the disk.


WordPad is the free document processor that comes with every version of Windows. But in the Windows 7, WordPad is all new and a lot improved. This latest and improved tool is much friendlier and easy-to-use toolbar which is at the top of the screen. This ribbon tool makes it a powerful tool for office users also. This new WordPad has all new features like tabs, picture insertion, font manipulation, bullets, and a powerful search and replace. It can also open .docx and other versions of Office files.

Sticky notes

Stick notes is one of the most underused tools in Windows 7. It can be used in many ways such as you get reminded about an appointment or a special occasion or your have a list of chores written down. For frequent computer users, it is the best reminder tool.

System Repair

Windows System Repair is one of the best tools available in Windows 7. Using this application you can easily create a CD or DVD that you can use to repair your computer in critical conditions. You can also create system repair disk on hard drive and use when the system is malfunctioning. There is no need to install any external applications or drivers that may affect your computer with malware or viruses; just use this small but effective application to get your system back to working condition.