Google has just come out with the new encrypted version of its search engine. This is with the effort to protect internet users from having other users having access to their search history using the same network. The new version of Google is SSL encrypted and to be found at

The new version, like all of Google’s products, is going to see a slow roll out and users can opt for it to be able to secure their search.

SSL search will mean that the encryption that has been created between the browser and the Google servers and the search results thus created will only be visible to you. Anyone who might be snooping around on your network won’t be able to find out what you are looking for. Therefore, your search history is going to be personal and private.

This is because of the WiFi data sniffing concern that Google had to face both in Germany and the U.S. It also had to go through a class lawsuit. This again brings to the notice of the users that on the Wifi the searches that we have gone through are not private and confidential.

Google has been working on the SSL before the debacle happened. They had already got the encrypted versions of Gmail and Google Docs rolled out. The same thing to be applied to the search history seems to be like the next best logical step. The SSL only covers the core search technology, up until now. If you decide to use SSL you will not get results for Google Maps or Google images using it. That is until SSL uses it to support these services.

SSL connections need further time in order to be set up and encrypted. This to take place between the browser and the remote web server needs additional time. The experience of the end user with the SSL might be slightly slower than with the other Google search engine options. This is what was posted by Google representatives on a blog post. The SSL will not change the kind of great search results that you will continue to get when you use Google.

The thing that Google has made extremely precise is that it will continue to collect search data even if you are using the secure search engine. This collection of data even over a secure search engine such as SSL is due to the reason of being able to enhance the search quality that comes the user’s way.

The users of Google will be able to decipher when they are using the secure mode by seeing the lock icon in the Google logo. This lock icon will also be visible to the user in their web browsers.

With the option of SSL and the security linked with it many users will certainly heave a sigh of relief as they will now know that there search history is private.