There is a new innovation created which is the HTML 5 which is the new edition of the Hypertext Markup Language operation for producing Website pages. The operation has long been sleeping on the technological world for quite some time now, but there are developers who persevere to make it once again relive the life it once had with the use of new features ranging from built-in video going to the 2D graphics.

But the set back that comes along with it is that there are only few people who know how to operate the program presented by the HTML 5 because of its complexity. That is why it is not a shock to the industry that when the product is set to sail, the marketing buddies will step in with appealing packaging system to make it deceivingly comprehensible.


In the case of Apple, it was presented as an HTML demo page. There have been a lot of available pages before and there might be a lot more to come along the way, but only certain users indulging in the technological industry are at the level of Apple’s marketing force. The demo of Apple’s HTML 5 gives stunning iPods, attention grabbing typographic technology, expanded shifting of photos and other perks that you can acquire.

Borrowing Apple’s marketing appears to be astounding to the developers who literally spent years of hard work struggling to uphold HTML 5.

The Controversy

The programmers of Apple with the WebKit browser engine scheme that lies beneath Safari have been among the alliance of HTML 5, but Apple industry was not that loyal after all. Apple’s website blocked several browsers with the succeeding statement that says that customers will have to download Safari in order to view the demo. And that the demo was especially made with the most recent Web operations supported by Safari that would only take several minutes.

It doesn’t really imply on the system that other browsers available don’t support HTML, but it is quite certain that the strategy embedded was at the side of Safari.

It is not strange that Apple took this kind of path to raise its products because they have long been that way but it surely tapped unfavorable reactions and critiques.

Appleā€™s Disapproval

According to a complaint by the Mozilla evangelist who is Christopher Blizzard, the message shown by the Apple regarding uploading Safari before allowing you to stream the demo shows a pretentious act being browser friendly but intently blocking other browser accessible to the clients.

It is certain that the website is uplifting Safari. But upon looking beyond the meaning of the act, it implies that Apple is showing off different features, not to compare how well other browsers perform and be compatible. The thing that Apple is preventing to happen is for their demo to look awful and be struck with non-compliant browsers. The more a company manipulates the field of their expertise, the easier to climb up the ladder of making immense profits. And Apple is certainly knowledgeable about it.