Apple is one of the world’s leading creators of new devices and applications. Many of their applications are preferred to others worldwide. The reason for their high success rate and high numbers of customers is in their creativity, and ability to maintain their standard of elegance and quality. The applications for iPad and iPhone have always been widely popular among all the mobile phone and tablet PCs applications.

Apple products come together in MobileMe

Apple’s web application MobileMe provides many great features for the users of the Apple notebooks, the iPad and the iPhone. Registered users experience great benefits from features in this application. It provides calendar, contacts and mail synchronizing for all the Apple’s products (i.e. iMac, iPhone and iPad). This makes it easy for a person to transfer his calendar, contacts or mails from one device to another, keeping all the devices up to date and in sync. This is a tremendously useful feature for those who own and use more than one these devices often.  They do not have to find a contact or calendar entry in their iPhone when they are working on an iPad.

Beta release!

Apple has launched a new beta for a revised version of its web-based MobileMe calendar, similar to the MobileMe Mail client before it. The design of this application is iPad inspired and comprises of a number of valuable features in the application. In design interface of this application is similar to the Mac OS X application known as iCal. This application can be viewed in different ways such as the month view, the week view, the day view or just a list of To-do notes. You can share the calendar with other MobileMe users with the private calendar-sharing feature. You can share your calendar publicly as well with CalDAV and the read-only web view. Event invitations can be accessed using RSVPs.

Sign up as a beta tester for MobileMe

If you would like to sign up for this beta web application:

  • Go to MobileMe web page
  • Choose the Calendar option.
  • At that page, there will be a link for requesting to participate in the beta version of the application.
  • After that, you will see a message saying, “You’re signed up! We’ll send you an invitation in the coming weeks.”

All for one…but not for all?

Unfortunately, this beta will not be available for everyone. Apple said that the beta would only work with Mac OS X 10.6.4 installed. The reason for this is unknown, but may have to do with Apple wanting all its customers to upgrade to the newest edition of their Snow Leopard release. You will not be able to synchronize this application with Entourage. If you are a windows user, keep in mind that you cannot synchronize it with Microsoft Outlook yet. These two features are expected to be available in the near future.

This application is a great for Apple fans. However, Apple has a long list of issues with this application that they are working on fixing. You can help them by filing bug reports. Opting to do this will grant you access to the beta application. Your other alternative would be to wait until an official bug free release has been developed.