Another cool laptop designed by Lenovo which has excellent features that others don’t have. This is the ideal Laptop for people who want everything to be in balance. This uniquely designed laptop model is one of the most prestigious computers anyone could crave for.

This Laptop has the paramount quality hardware which includes a matte finished 1400×900 WXGA computer screen with a built-in black lit LED. The good quality of its computer screen stands out among the rest. This would definitely bring a great computer experience to the user. One of the greatest traits people would really love with this computer is its outstanding software qualities including its Intel core 2 duo T9600 processor which has, 2.83 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB and 6MB cache accompanied with a 2GB DDR3 RAM. This unique Laptop has the storage capacity of 160GB HDD (7200rpm). Storage capacities regarding computers should always be kept in mind specially when choosing computers to buy. It is already a part of our intellectual habits to make sure we are paying for the right product we want with the best of its qualities; hence, we should always make sure we buy the best one especially when it comes to computers.

The New Lenovo ThinkPad would most likely be the one you are looking for if you want the best. This computer has the DVD+ or –RW optical drive. It has great wireless features which include 802.11a b/g/n, and Bluetooth 2.0. Wireless features like these would contribute greatly to the computers versatile performance. A computer’s versatility is one of the traits people would prefer when choosing the computers that are appropriate for use. That would really make work much easier. But I guess there’s nothing much cooler than its exquisite graphic features which include an ATI Mobility Radeon 3470 with 256 mega bytes Hybrid switching abilities.

Indeed, this laptop model suits every computer user well and provides great availabilities regarding the different fields, and the qualities of both the hardware and the software. These are the qualities we should all look at first when we try to distinguish what is best for our own usages.

The ThinkPad also has great built-in feature including the built-in web camera which would add more capability in regard to the connectivity issues. It also has the 84Wh 9-cell and 56Wh 6-cell Battery for better energy storage. It has great graphical dimensions of 13.2” x 9.4” x1.47”/1.12”. This laptop model has its greatest compatibility in terms of the software specs. This computer would most likely be the one to provide you with the highest performance you have always wanted.

The New Lenovo ThinkPad comes with its original classic design that ThinkPad lovers have always loved. This Laptop comes with everything it has in balance, from the design down to the secluded parts of the specs. The ThinkPad would most likely be the one to provide you with the greatest computer experience you have ever wanted to have with your everyday computer use.