This game has been a hit among students from elementary schools for more than 40 years and has seen many platforms including the ancient DOS and latest Facebook.

The first release of The Oregon Trail game dates back to 1971. The game was developed to let the school students learn about the life of early inhabitants of Oregon Trail that is a 2,000 miles long stretch along the Missouri River. So far, ten updated versions of the game have been published, the latest being the one released in 2011. The gameplay involves playing as a pathfinder, guiding the caravan of migrants from Independence (fourth largest city of Missouri) to the Willamette Valley of Oregon in a typical Conestoga wagon. The backdrop of the game is set to a period of 1848.

The Oregon Trail is designed and developed in such a way to let the players relive the moments of past in the similar way as the pioneers did. The lessons about the historic region would come lively from the textbook as the game progresses. As a trailblazer, players would have to hunt the wild animals such as rabbits, squirrels, deer (or elks), bison, and bears. The player has a restricted supply of bullets and he can carry a maximum of 200 pounds of weight (of the prey) to the wagon. Members of the caravan are prone to illness, injuries, and death. There are scores, points, and final evaluation of a player’s skills as the mission is accomplished.

The game has been very popular among students of elementary schools, and for this reason it was launched on Facebook as well, in February 2011. For purchase and other details, visit The Oregon Trail website.

Publisher: Brøderbund, The Learning Company, Gameloft
Platform: Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Facebook, Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android
Price: $19.96 for Nintendo 3DS and Wii (on Wal-Mart)
Genre: Simulation

Following is a video of the game on iPhone and iPod Touch:

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