Today, ARM processors are being invariably produced by an organization that is truly formed by legend companies like IBM, Texas Instruments, Samsung, ARM and others. This elite organization will streamline the evolvement of many novel products of which the tablets are the unique. Worldwide, ARM processor is considered to be the most amazing chip with extraordinary prolific design. This specific chip is essentially required to wade through morass and versions of variable operating systems. This special chip highly integrates the Android of Google, OSes of Chrome, Ubuntu of Linux, WebOS of Palm plus Nokia’s and Intel’s MeeGO.

Linaro, the emerging versatile company

Linaro; the newest company in ARM chips production is not only a marvelous outfit in software engineering but also a genuine nonprofit organization. This elite company is greatly intending to simplify the process of chip development and is grandly supported by its esteemed funding members who have graciously invested multimillion dollars. This was mentioned in a phone interview by Mr. Tom Lantzsch, executive officer of Linaro. He further added that there are two optimal ends, on one end, there is an unlimited production of chips and on other ends, there are unbounded software version distributions. He concluded that Linaro’s main aim is to offer the latest software version that can be ultimately ported to silicon which could be the latest invention or the present era.

Linaro’s ARM Cortex TM-A

As mentioned by Lantzch; “If we imagine that there are two different giant tablet makers who want to approach the same vendor of silicon. And both the companies desire to introduce their tablets to global market for example, on Android. Moreover, there exists other tablet makers who want to have a tablet either on Chrome or MeeGo, then it is ensured that the esteemed customers and IT resources will be forced to meet all the availed competing demands. So, here Linaro will play its most crucial role. It will efficiently carry out the streamlining and optimizing of this process”.

Linaro mentioned in a statement that it will highly avail every six months not only a stable but also optimum base for the distribution as well as for developers. It will create the latest release of tools that are greatly optimized and the excellent software’s of kernel and middleware that are validating the widest chip ranges.

Linaro eventually mentioned that its prime software and tool is due to be released in November. This release is bounded to offer optimization for the ARM Cortex TM-A which is the latest range in the processor’s family.

Intel, the prime rival of ARM’s popularity

ARM’s prime rival Intel has undoubtedly a better opportunity over ARM because it is not facing an unwieldy ecosystem as compared to ARM. In other words, Intel is a single chip company availing single chip architecture. However, ARM chips have diversified globally and have been tremendously utilized in cell phones and smart phones. Furthermore, ARM chips are innumerably designed and manufactured by wide range of companies from Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Freescale, ST-Ericsson and last but not least Samsung.