The first thought when you play the amazingly superb Super Mario Galaxy w is that the first few hours you are thought to be a real nincompoop but later on the game turns into one satisfying one. You will get the same kind of pleasure whether you play it in the 2D or 3D versions. It is on a constant path to success and shows the player one fantastic thing after another.

The game is the direct step ahead version of the game Mario Galaxy. But this time round there is a ship shaped like Mario to be moved around the world map. This is filled with galaxies that are allocated a few stars to find out. You are able to land on the galaxy and then earn the star. There is also a comet coin to help you keep a track of the exploration.

There are several different tasks that one needs to do in order to earn these stars. These tasks include fight bosses and you need to swim, fly, float and fall. All of this needs to be done in a jiffy so as to get past the enemies. The game ensures that one gets the most pleasurable of play ever.

There are several moves that you need to maneuver around so as to get an exciting number of movements which are jump, grab, flip and so on. The collection of all the stars possible is really not feasible as then you will need to explore all the hidden nooks and crevices of the land. The hidden areas have been craftily hidden so as to ensure that the game always has the right amount of adventure to it along with giving the player the sense of achievement and accomplishment at every star collected. If you want to go ahead in the game then you need to find a particular number of stars. This can be achieved by means of using several different strategies to do so. The further you progress in the game, the game becomes more and more challenging. There are extra lives and the shop to be explored whilst you are between missions. There are colorful characters around to spike up the play. In the game Ninetendo, it is quite easy to get the extra lives. You can either find them or buy them.

The game just like Super Mario Bros. Wii will help you if you make a mistake. There are several times that the game will offer to help you out of the tricky situations. In that case the computer will take over and you will be allocated a bronze star. But for a gold star you will need to play all by yourself.

The new game is certainly a good enough way to have all the fun possible. You can opt for help if you need it. There are several options that allow you to be able to move on with the help of the game that is inbuilt.