The idea of social networking has become a renowned phenomenon around the world that not making a movie or at least a documentary about the rise of “Social Networkism”, will not do justice to its evolution. After all, the man behind the mask of Facebook should be credited for its conception and there is a large public at large that is curious as to how their Facebook pages have evolved. Does this mean that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook has become an overnight celebrity? Actually yes, that is what the movie “The social Network” seeks to entail.

On its weekend release the movie made total revenue of $23 million but analysts were predicting it to hit a jackpot of $25 to $30 million. According to USA Today Ticket sales are likely to improve as many moviegoers wait for the release of the reviews. In light of the positive reviews that “The Social Network” has jacked up; total revues may actually across the $60 million revenue by the end of this month.

The movie has been made been by Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, that depicts the evolution of Facebook in the backdrop of the life of Mark Zuckerberg. After its release in the weekend there has been a flood of criticism as to depicting the life of Zuckerberg. Many even point to the accuracy of facts of the story of social networking itself in the movie. The best person to judge about the movie would be Mark Zuckerberg himself, till then let’s wait for his take on this.