Quantenna Communications has revealed it to the public about its latest launch of 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset. It is a brand new version of this line of product and there are only few products available in the market which offers four broadcast-and-receive antennas for high fidelity and dependable output

The company ensures that this particular item has been used by over 12 reputed companies on a trial basis. All the service providers wish to deal with soaring-bandwidth digital video services right through an entire consumer house. This chipset is capable of supporting speeds of 145Mbps or even higher from end to end of the intervening wall and other obstacles and would perform it even in a longer range than ever.

General Specifications

The latest chipset that has come up is much smaller compared to the size of the earlier product and utilizes one-third less amount of power. The other significant changes that have been inculcated are its signal dependability, less radio intrusion and extending the range of the radio.

The latest product includes a total of 80 MHz channels much more than what the other WiFi radio channels offer. It offers better range of throughputs as the channels are much wider compared to the others. These chipsets are compatible with the latest standards of 802.11ac that will provide a minimum of 1Gps under the 6GHz frequency band.


These chipsets offer a unique approach of numerous Input several Output which assists in the creation of various data streams. This data is used by the both the antennas for sending as well receiving. The product is well capable of function with the mobile WiMAX along with extended period progress mobile wireless networks. This technique proves to be very effective when united with others. On the whole, actual throughput and the data speed is enhanced and is able to establish a concrete platform for the functioning of the product.


Most of the benefits crops up with the utilization of more antennas and its pairs. Quantenna and Qualcomm are among the only companies offering a 4×4 configuration while the rest provides 11n Wi-Fi using a pair of antennas and includes three access points along with them.

The majority of the users of the company are tool manufacturer, service provider or carriers who want to make use of the superior throughput wireless signals. Using this technique they will be able to spread the high-definition video all over an entire residence across to several devices or screens.

The Quantenna chipsets is challenging, that distributors would favor this value-based technology after it has attained massive acceptability and it is even less expensive compared to the Wi-Fi mechanism. It was in March, when Net Gear exposed its first home based amusement products, the high definition Home Theater adapters along side with the distinguished Performance Wireless-N.

The user just needs to put it into the router such that it is able to stream high definition video from the available network and pass it to another adapter that is plugged into the set top box, a DVD player or an Ethernet television. This feature will allow the user to enjoy the experience along with rest of the family and friends.