VoIP is a transmission technology that delivers voice communication services over Internet protocol networks. Communication is important for us and with the world growing smaller through technology, Internet communication has become as a necessity for computer users. In earlier times, voice calls were being passed around through Internet simply by using a simple microphone and earphones. VoIP offers transmission technology that makes the new and the older mix with one another to provide better coverage and voice-related services.

Google and VoIP technology providers

As Google is trying to dominate the tech age, this will give them a chance, although slim at the moment to be at par with largest VoIP service provider-Skype. The acquisition of VoIP technology would allow them to be competitive and to gain access to technology that is already widely used by several Internet users. It plans to use VoIP for real-time voice and video conferencing.

Currently, the GIPS technology is being used by big technologies, such as Yahoo Instant Messenger’s voice calls, Cisco’s WebEx system, and IBM’s Lotus Sametime. GIPS, has already been deployed to over 800 million endpoints. This means that Google now owns the VoIP engine that has been dominating its competitors. Although, they did say that they intend to continue providing for GIPS’ original customers probably until contract ends.

Google coming out on top

Google is in the technology age for more than 12 years and it has achieved so much more than old companies that has been running for more than 30 years. Even with this huge growth, we all know this is not the end, and Google will enhance further in providing technological applications and products to its customers. It will start acquiring smaller companies, and grow to dominate the Internet community.

There are lots of skeptics who doubt that Google VoIP, at one point in time, will overpower Skype. Skype has been here for a long time and with more than 500 million users as 2009 came to an end, is still growing in number. It is going to be such a challenge to beat such an established company, and it would probably take a lot from Google’s marketing committee to acquire Skype. In spite of this, knowing Google and their marketing strategies, their perseverance and many of the tricks that they have up their sleeve, it will not be a wonder if they do beat all the rest in the business. Once that happens, then Google would seem invincible in the marketing of their product. They are sure to further upgrade the system and be a handful as far as the competition to their rivals are concerned.