AOL is an American Company which provides world wide Internet services and is a popular media giant. It was founded in the year 1983 under the Services known as the Quantum Computers. It provides franchise services to a lot of companies all around the globe and has got an International version of the services world wide. The AOL is mainly in lime light because of its outstanding “Online Software Suite.” It rather helps its customers to explore one of the largest Online communities known as the “Walled garder.” The latter helps to reach the ample internet services in a huge. It has near about a huge 30 million users’ around the globe and mostly AOL is accessed through AOL Software Suite.

In the recent past, AOL has joined hands with the Thing Labs. Things lab is a giant behind the adroit services of Brizzly. The Brizzly service has helped an AOL user to get in touch with the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and My space. The social networking websites have begun to hold a kind of hegemony over all Internet giants and facebook has succeeded by attracting near about half a billion users’ towards its desk. Brizzly is given a name of “Social Media Reader”, because the latter helps one to peek in the social networking events and know what is going on in their social networking accounts. It aids one review updates and post the same to Facebook or from the AOL console. It also helps you to scroll through friend’s latest add-on. One can have a glance at the photos of their own or of their friends’ n folks using Brizzly and at the same time enjoy videos of their pals.

The AOL’s group of Consumer Applications’ President Brad Garlinghouse came up with the AOL’s perspective. He added,” AOL Company is same different in approach firm that it used to be an year ago. The Company has encased the change by introducing the new Brizzly feature. The change took place keeping in mind the experience a consumer holds and insight of the team of Thing Labs. The Things Lab does maintain a record of zenith successes that can help to give the messaging space a very new definition.” The Things Lab team work forecasts the great combination of the product’s knowledge, an innovative attempt towards the experience enhancing social products and the team’s insight. It was also adds by the AOL officials that the master work by the Thing Labs team will rather supplement the work of AIM and Life stream den of workers, who are currently engaged with AOL. The Thing Labs den of workers will direct the AOL’s Life stream, Brizzly and AIM applications. The Brizzly will climb new mile stones in terms of application in the near future.

Thus, the AOL effort towards the Brizzly tab in their console is going to be of great support to its users’. The users’ of the AOL can access the Social Networking giants and enjoy AOL unmatched services in one go.