The long lasting feud between the piracy doer’s and big music brands like EMI, Warner , Sony and many more is seen in the light of a solution, which can be termed as harsh. A case was filled against Ericom by Irish branches of EMI, Warner, Universal, and Sony brands. The companies accused Ericom of providing the efficient infrastructure for piracy by giving away unlimited downloading schemes and also by advertising on file sharing site like The companies accused that this way Ericom was promoting piracy. is rated as the biggest torrent website all over the world and Ericom is the biggest Internet service provider of Ireland in terms of subscriber base.

The argument went on in the courtroom, but there was no sight of judgment. But if Ericom would have lost the fight, it would have to bow down to the music brands and provide it with the essential user data for the Ericom’s user accounts. It would have also provided direct access for the music companies to subscriber user data and the Internet service provider’s networks too. To keep the music companies from gaining such vital information, Ericom decided to venture for an out of court settlement.

Under this out of court settlement, Ericom decided to disconnect the users found to be defaulting on regular basis in terms of downloading via peer to peer software. To do so, Ericom will employ investigators who will user basic monitoring tools to observe user data usage and observe it file sharing terms. Then it shall check the user’s log that is in doubt of doing illegal actions. Then the suspected user shall be forwarded to the Internet service provider. Ericom then would issue warnings based on the faults. They will also question the user and check for the faults. Looking at the problem Ericom will issue warning based on its level of defaulting. Here the first warning will be a mere alarm to intimate the users that “come on stop downloading pirated music and videos we are watching you”. The second warning would be on a stricter note and would be to alarm the user about anytime disconnection if he continues the wrong deeds. And the final warning would be a final disconnection without any prior notice to the user.

Fifty music brands in Ireland are trying to persuade other Internet service provider’s of Ireland. Let’s see whether the music companies really gain from it. But it is for sure that the smart pirates will eventually come up with a new and more clandestine way of file sharing. Therefore, the losers are only the Internet service providers.