Mozilla Messaging has just delighted its users with the release of the new Thunderbird 3.1. The new version has some notable changes that not only enhance user experience but also make life a lot easier for those busy people whose requirements were not being fully met with the older version of thunderbird. Some of the important changes that are worth mentioning can be found below.

Migration to the new version

The migration assistant helps you transition smoothly from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3.1. Those users who want to maintain their old settings or seem uncomfortable with the new ones can easily chose which settings to retain and which settings to discard. In fact you do not even need a thunderbird 2 profile to use the migration assistant. You may however need to restart thunderbird3.1 after using the migration assistant to make sure that the changes you made have taken effect properly.

Quick Filter Bar

Here comes the most important and famous feature of all. The new Quick Filter bar is designed to provide the user with the ultimate in content searching. It makes it quite simple to filter and search the contents of the current folder. Compared to the drop down menu used in the older version, the new Filter bar allows you to select each item individually resulting in a more comprehensive search, eventually providing you with improved results. The Quick filter search is also independent from Golda, much to the relief of those users who found its use unpleasing. A huge advantage of this bar is that it does not require any synchronization. It achieves this by performing the message body searches on IMAP folders on the server. One drawback of this bar is that it looks a bit sloppy on Linux with the odd coloring at its borders. Apart from that, the quick filter bar provides everything you could dream of.

Improved Messaging

With the new Thunderbird 3.1, you can store your messages under different categories such as read, unread, starred or messages with attachments etc. The message list can change colors depending on the state of your search, For example, a yellow colored list will indicate that the search is still running and the list may be incomplete. The archiving of messages and use of threads has become even better than the previous versions enabling users to categorize their old messages with clarity. This reduces a lot of hassle once a user tries to look for an old archived message.

Smart Connection Notifications

Previously, time-out or other connection related issues would prompt a user immediately and would require the user to press the OK button. This time however, the user will be notified with a slide-in message that will serve the purpose of immediately notifying the ser without bothering him much. If the messages show up too frequently due to an unreliable line, you can suppress them by adding a simple piece of code. In this manner, the new Thunderbird provides the ultimate in user experience without compromising much on its features.