New Year at Times Square is something everyone should experience in a lifetime, but for most people leaving far away, it’s impossible. Records show that, around one million people gather at the Times Square every year to see the ball drop on New Year eve, and around 1 billion people watch the video.

If you are one of those who won’t be able to make it to New York Times Square, here is a good news. Time Square Alliance, Countdown Entertainment, Toshiba, and Livestream have teamed up and launched a new app so that you do not miss the chance to see 2012 New Year celebration at the Times Square. The Times Square Official Ball 2012 app is released for Android and Apple users. You can download it for free from the Android Market or App Store.

Times Square Ball App has already gained much popularity. It is estimated that within two weeks, the app has been downloaded more than 174,000 times from 163 countries.

The app is loaded with many features to keep you entertained till the New Year’s Eve. You can send personalized cards to your family and friends. According to reports, the famous rainbow-colored Times Square Ball card has been the most popular. It has been shared more than 6,000 times over the Internet.

The app also allows you to submit photos, which will be displayed on the Toshiba Vision screen at Times Square. These photos are shared on Facebook and Twitter. The photos with most likes are featured on the Toshiba screen. So what are you waiting for, send your best photo and let people start liking your picture. Even if you cannot go, your picture will be displayed at Times Square this New Year.

Jeffrey Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment, said, “The new and improved app enables people in New York and around the world to celebrate the New Year together as the clock ticks down to midnight in Times Square. Wherever you are in the world, the app will give you a dramatic and interactive way to ring in 2012.”

Download Times Square Ball app for Apple and Android devices.

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