If your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you have many options to watch a movie with great experience. You can record a movie from TV or download from the Internet and watch the movie at home.This article we will discuss how to watch movies and videos with Windows and Xbox. Although Xbox is a gaming console, you can however do other tasks such as watching movies or videos.

Watching and downloading movies

The Windows Vista & Windows 7 comes with Windows Media center which they offer free movie downloads through television networks. There is no need to subscribe any show in Windows Media center. Downloading a normal 2 hour movie normally takes more than one hour or more sometimes on any high-speed connections. Besides downloading duration, you also need minimum 2 GB hard disk space to save it on computer. If you do not want to wait and spend that much time then you can watch a movie while it is downloading. So, to download a movie, follow the steps given below:

First open the Windows Media Center, then on the start screen, click movies. In movies window click movie Library. Now in the library, you will have to select the movie provider you want to use. Now follow the instructions for registration and login.

Grab a movie on Xbox Live

If you are using an Xbox console then you will want to use the Xbox Live market place. In the Xbox Live Marketplace you can get unique content, including games, demos, trailers, and more. You can easily rent and download movies directly to your Xbox and the price of the movie is determined by point system.

Keep one point in mind that Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not compatible with old Xbox, they are compatible only with Xbox 360. You can purchase Xbox 360 at Microsoft store with all other accessories.

More with Windows

You simply do not watch movies; you can do more creative stuffs in Windows. You can easily create your own movies with Windows Movie Maker. It is not that tough as people thinks, if you know simply operate a computer then you can create movies. Like you can capture a video on the digital camera, then store it on the computer and make movie in Windows Moviemaker. Moviemaker also has automovie option, to do this just open a video file and click the automovie; it will create movie of your video. You can also do it in your own way, like insert some pictures or some music you want between the movies. But to do this you should have all these on the hard drive, so we recommend you to use automovie option, it is pretty attractive.

So, you can play with movies on your personal computer or on your gaming console Xbox. It is a normal stuff, now you are ware of the fact.