The Internet is ocean of information. It is endless. You can find any kind of information online which is researched and maintained by specialists. School and colleges have also understood the importance of the Internet and now most of the institutes and their own network setup and provide internet access to their students. Now, I am going to discuss the fourteen topmost websites for students. These websites are the resource of useful information and data needed for students.

Website 1-ipl2

The countdown starts with ipl2. This website is a merger of the Internet Public Library and Librarians’ Internet Index. This site is a comprehensive source of the information on which you can trust.

Website 2-Refdesk

Checking facts in the Internet sources is one of the key ways to evaluate the data available on websites and (stands for “reference desk”) provides all the means for data evaluation and reference check.

Website 3-Fact Monster

This website is for young students. This website is majorly designed to easy fact-finding and includes timelines and an atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as the Homework Center.

Website 4-Microsoft Download Center

This website provide links for millions of downloadable free or shareware programs which include updates, applications, utilities, and extras for Macintosh, Windows and any other platforms.

Website 5-Microsoft Student Experience

This site is a cool place for technology leaders of the future. It offers student resources and helps students to stay connected through its newsletters and technology clubs.

Website 6-English and history
This website supports the history related content, articles and posts.

Website 7-Free Translation

This website is perfect for the studies of languages. This useful website is can automatically convert the text from one language to another language.

Website 8-Project Gutenberg

This website enables you to download more than 30,000 of free electronic books.

Website 9-Internet History Sourcebook Project

This website provides access to a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for the use of educational.

Website is a reliable and free source for the literary analysis of contemporary and classic books such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Mark and Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

Website 11-Shakespeare Online

This website, as its name suggests, is all about poems and literature. The website has collection of all the famous poems and plays written by Shakespeare. The website also has some free analysis on the work.


It is a very unique website which helps you to accomplish your mathematics projects in various ways.

This website also contains some good practice exercises which helps you to increase your knowledge and also grade you on the tests and assignments.

Website 13-Science Made Simple

This website includes Science classes including the ubiquitous science projects and these are not as easy to grasp.

Website 14-HowStuffWorks

This website includes almost every kind of questions and queries and their answers. The questions and queries in this site are related to computers/electronics, science, automobiles, entertainment, and people and all are answered at this award-winning website.