Mozilla Firefox has been the recent buzz in the world of Internet and this has happened because of the significant amount development they have been doing in their browsers to help their users in the most effective way. They have been doing well particularly in terms of the ADD-on service that they provide for their users. They have almost neared and are still developing more add-ons that are more than 100,000 in number. Apart from the ease to use these are the features upon which they have been banking a lot. Here are the top five important Mozilla Firefox Add-ons(plugins):

Add-on for Adobe reader and the Adobe Flash player:

These are one of the most needed add-ons for any user online as most of the sites these days have data in its websites in the .pdf format and it is not always possible to access the information from one’s own system. Thus, to access data in .pdf format one will have to install the add-on.

Another add-on would be the adobe flash player that helps us in viewing flash videos in websites like because, these Web sites that can be viewed with the help of flash players. While browsing those Web sites with the browser from Mozilla Firefox it becomes easier as they have this Adobe flash player add-on.

Java Add-on

The growth of java in technology can be compared on parallel lines with the growing of a weed in the garden that which cannot be controlled at all. Most web sites these days require a java plug-in or a java runtime environment to be installed in your system for it to function one hundred percent. Fire fox helps the users with this add-on for viewing such websites.

Windows Media Player

We all very well know that Windows Media Player is manufactured and is a sole property of Microsoft, but we also have known and experienced that there has been any add-on and at times some of us would have felt there is not one single add-on that was free. Mozilla’s Firefox is now ready to surprise those users with these add-ons that are very useful. This is the important Add-on when the user needs a real fluent flow of data.

QuickTime Add-on

Another video player that is in use by most in the market is from Apple Corp. The player from Apple Corp is the Quick time player and this player is now one of the most used media players in the market which can become second to none in a few more days. Mozilla Fire fox also provides add-ons that are well in use for those users who use quick time player. This ensures continuous flow of data which makes the viewing more comfortable and a pleasant experience with the add-on.

These 5 add-ons are just a small part of the entire collection of add-ons that Firefox actually has to give its users. These add-ons apart from making the usage of the browser easy for the customers also makes them loyal to the browser as these are a must for any browser.