Corporate and MNCs are regularly in need for a way to communicate with the overseas clients and professional. With the increasing growth of the global business market, it is getting increasingly difficult to be connected with other office branches and professionals and clients working offshore. There are various tools which can be used for the proper business functioning like emails, telephonic conferencing. However, Microsoft has provided a new way to manage such issues which is Microsoft Office Live Meetings.

This is majorly designed to keep this particular need in mind and it provides.

Subscription based web conferencing services. All you need to do is to purchase the software and install the client on your computer and the communication is managed centrally.

Here are some of the important things which you can do with Live Meetings:

1 Show your presentation remotely:

There are times when you have to be at some important presentation but you cannot be present there. Live Meetings is a solution for that. You can share and display PowerPoint presentation remotely. It also gives you the functionality to share your desktop, so that you can also show any other data and reports from your computers to client or professionals sitting at any other geographical location.

2 Schedule a meeting:

Using Live meeting, you can schedule a meeting for the future time. You can block the calendar for the contacts added in your contact list so that the person is engaged and informed about the meeting which is to be held in future time.

3 Organize a web Meeting:

The tool provides you to organize a web meeting where people do not to be present at one geographical location. This is very useful when professionals and clients are scattered in different location. Live Meeting can arrange a web conference where all the attendees can be present over a virtual meeting place even if they are far away physically.

4 Make the meeting more interactive:

Using Live Meeting for any meeting and presentation can help the meeting attendees engaged. Use of live and recorded videos, audio and flash files can make your presentation more interactive and the message and idea of meeting will be delivered affectively.

5 Minutes of Meeting:

It is always important to prepare and get the output of the meeting to visit the key points and evaluate the improvement in the plan. Minute of meeting will be very useful in that case. Live Meeting also provide a wonderful tool to automatically generate the minutes of meeting as all the conversation is recorded and  even if you forget to note down some important points, you can always refer the audio or video recording.

This wonderful tool is an important tool for corporates and if you know how to use the tool affectively, you can get wonderful output in your business as well. It can help you to cut down your travel cost and make communication more affective.