Abacus was invented by the Chinese, which is considered to be the beginning of today’s wonder machine. After, successive fine tuning and refinement; many things amid an abacus and the wonder machine came in to play. Finally, the wonder machine got a name and the world witnessed the “Computer.” A Over the past few years Computers have relatively eased the workload. It not only took  the responsibilities but also kept on modifying itself side by side. Earlier a room equivalent in size computer came in to play but as technology saw new ways. The room equivalent computer has now abridged to a tablet one. A computer which has now become mobile and can be travel with you where ever you long to it remain afloat. Such computers were given a name called a ‘Laptop’. Laptops are of great help to man and can remain mobile with its owner. Since you can travel with your laptop and it’s becoming a great source of help to you. Then how can you help your laptops and increase their security when you are travelling with it. For example, if you are on road, then how can you help your Laptop stay secure.

Some tips will help you know; how to enhance your computer’s security ?

Tip one

Try to avoid the usage of laptop bags when you are on road. Rather help find your laptop like a suitcase or cushioned briefcase, where it can tot easily.

Tip two

Keep your laptop secure by creating an administrative password. But keep in mind to never leave your password or key the briefcase inscribed on a paper or any other such source. The password at the entrance of your laptop will deprive the culprit from infringing or entering your laptop without your permission.

Tip three

Always carry your laptop along with you irrespective of you’re travelling on plane or a train. Don’t have your laptop in your luggage bag, rather have it kept in a separate bag in order to prevent any mishap. When you are travelling by your car, keep your laptop in a trunk or a briefcase, when you are not using the same.

Tip four


Keep your important files and folders encrypted. If suppose you lose your laptop and some one else grabs it. Then the person can not access your personal information or details nor can it be decrypted by the one. The latest windows like XP, Vista and 7 provide the facility of encryption and help you to keep your information extra secure.


Tip five

Always keep an eye on your laptop while travelling and never leave it a lonely place.

Tip six

While travelling many keep their laptops on the floor and here is where the trap comes in to play. One can easily loose the laptop when kept on the floor because attention gets diverted and one forgets about it.

Tip seven

Buy a security device for your laptop. In case you can attach it with some heavy things; if you long to go somewhere leaving it behind.

Tip eight

One can prevent others from peeking at laptops in a populous are by using a screen guard.

Tip nine

If you’re staying at hotel room, then keep in mind to never leave your laptop in the hotel room; which is the most vulnerable form where you can loose your laptop.