Are you a typical dame who is fond of all the girly activities? Do you dream of new clothes, accessories, and shoes in your “pink world”? Just imagine if you get to wear them, look like a supermodel and go on dates. Wouldn’t it be the best thing that can ever happen to you? Come out of this dreamland and turn these dreams to reality by downloading a special fashion game for all you fashion conscious maidens – Top Girl for your iPhone.

There is a whole lot of virtual girlish adventure waiting for you in this app. Come, play the game, and be a part of this virtual female-sphere. Go on a romantic date, capture your photos together, buy him gifts, and customize your own outfits. The game has a lot to offer, since it is a fashion related and female centered game.

Let’s see what all can you explore:
• With a spectrum of dresses and other accessories, get that perfect look, with over 600 to choose from
• Customize your look in more than 45 ways
• Flirt and Date with a choice of over 250 options
• Choose a modeling career for yourself from 30 different jobs
• 20 club themes
• Take a stroll around NYC and LA

There is an advanced version of the game – 4.72.00 – that offers you seasonal clothes and boyfriend dates along with bug fixes. The list just doesn’t end here as there is a lot to look for in this world.

You can compete against other Top Girl players and see who has got the hottest style. You can also take part in voting. Top Girl has a lot to offer for all you up-town maidens. Come and explore it for yourself. The game has witnessed a gigantic success. Download the app from iTunes app store and enjoy the fun.

Developer: Crowdstar Inc.
Platform: iOS 4.0 or later
Price: Free
Category: Games