Performance marketing firms in the US have reported, Google topping the paid search Ad rankings this year. A report says that, California-based Google captured 82.6 percent of advertising spends in the fourth quarter, up from 80.2 percent in the third quarter. Meanwhile, YaBing share fell to 17.4 percent. The performance marketing firm added that paid search spend bounced back in 2010, with an 18.5 percent increase.

In the past few years Internet marketing has taken over all other forms in terms of spending. Today the success of a company is crucially dependent on visibility. In the past, the concept of search – organic search – was natural listings occurring from the search engine crawling your web site based on a keyword in question. Organic search listings are not paid listings. They are only about the most accurate matches for a set of keywords queried as determined by the search engine search of the websites. There are also sponsored searches or paid searches available, provided by practically by every search engine provider, worldwide. Google, historically was the leader in championing the virtues of organic searches. With their primary focus being returning of highly relevant and fast results based on contents of pages and objective criteria, along with relevant links to the said page Google has always kept their sponsored listings clearly separated from their organic search results.

Organic search is free, while paid searches simply guarantee indexing your pages to the top of the search and keeping you there for as long as you maintain the said subscription, however, not promising any particular ranking. With return on investment being the key factor in the business world, the question of a paid search as against an organic search is always a very difficult definition to reach at. This brought about methodologies by Google, introducing the concept of search engine optimization, search engine advertizing, positioning of the ad on the search page, changing the way you think about visibility as compared to return on investment (ROI).

Google with their effective paid advertising programs namely Google AdWords and Google AdSense have turned out to be one of the most promising paid advertising programs. However, this raises many questions on search results many times yielding information of sites that sold products, their product review pages rather than the websites where products could be directly purchased. Google has turned out to be a leader not only in the organic search but also in their paid advertising programs combined with search engine optimization and very good visibility with the use of paid programs.