Days are gone when we used to use the cameras with image roles in it. With these roles one could only click a fixed number of pictures and then get them developed at a photo studio and then organize in some album. Now such cameras are becoming history and more and more people are switching to Digital cameras. Digital camera give us the liberty to click as many images as we want, it allows us to manage the sharpness, brightness, and contrast while clicking the picture, it helps us in taking the picture straight to our computer so that the softcopy can be shared with others without getting it scanned by a scanner. Digital Camera has given us a whole new dimension of personal or professional photography, but since we can click numerous pictures without bothering of the development charges, we end up in a mess of too many images. You might open your Pictures folder and would see hundreds of photographs and would definitely want a way to organize them and keep them in separate albums.

In this post I will discuss some tips how you can organize Digital Photos on your computer.

Use different folders – Pictures of different occasions should be kept in different folders/albums so that it is always easy for you to find the relevant pictures whenever required. If you put the pictures in the same folder then there would be many images in the same folder and you might not be able to find the required picture instantly.

Use naming conventions – Try renaming all the files from same date or occasion in similar way. Like Birthday1. Birthday2, and so on so that you always view the files in sequence and should be able to search them quickly. Bulk renaming can be easily done in windows by opening the folder where pictures are located and selecting all the pictures which you want to rename. After selecting them right click on the first file and give it a name of your choice and press enter. You will find that all files will get renamed by that name with a number series post-fixed in the file name.

Try deleting duplicate images – People often take multiple shots to get the best out of it but then do not delete the other shots and keep all of them stored on their computers. Always make sure that you only keep the best shot on your computer and delete the others. This will help you have less number of good shots and will also not consume high volume of disk space on your hard drive.

Label your Photos – Whenever you attach the digital camera the Digital Image Suit comes up automatically. This suit gives you various options to Label the pictures, add captions, and add keywords to them. To know what these are just open folders in which you have some images and then select any image. At the bottom in the explorer window you will find the information like, image size, dimensions, tags, keywords etc about that photo. This Meta information can also be used for searching for any image and to keep them separate from each other.

Though there can be many depending upon your working style, but these were some basic tips to help you in organizing the digital photographs so that you can visit your memories in the best possible manner.