Japanese multinational electronic device manufacturer Toshiba Inc. has released a newer model of satellite laptop with high resolution 3D facility. They take Nvidia Tech as a associate for the technical support of 3D technology. They released their first products in USA market with the Nvidia’s 3D Vision software kit, 3D glasses and emitter.

3D Technology

Toshiba A665 is adorned with 3D facilities which enable the users to enjoy the most enjoyable outfit of interface and resolution with high quality picture quality. The new model will give the viewers a real time experience of every moment.


Intel Quad-core Core i7 is assembled as a central processor in the model where Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 350M graphics processor is also attached for maximum graphical representation of all works. The processor cost about $1600 where they include Satellite A-Series, C-Series, L-Series, M-Series and T-Series products.

The new Satellite A665 3D Edition features a quad-core Core i7 central processor from Intel, Nvidia’s GeForce GTS 350M graphics processor and is priced at $1,600, the company said Tuesday. The June 20 update also includes new notebooks in Tokyo-based Toshiba’s Satellite A-Series, C-Series, L-Series, M-Series and T-Series product lines.

Audio feature

The Satellite A665 contains high audio sound stereo with Dolby Digital Sound technology. Built in harman/kardon speakers are attached as sound tools which are of very high quality and tremendous performance.

Battery and Charge capacity

Toshiba ensures the high battery performance and low energy consumption for their newly released Satellite Notebook. The notebook can be automatically stop consuming energy when it is paused to work.


The new product will be available with a 14-inch or 16-inch monitor of high resolution. The monitor has features of multicolor display with some Intel devices or micro chips. Some mobile technologies are also added which are now available in Japanese market.

Music System Enrollment

“Toshiba Sleep-and-Music” enables the customers to enjoy music even when the laptop is shut down. The ‘DVD upversion’ feature allows enjoying upgraded and developed resolution of movies which is more likely to HD panels.

Models and Prices

Toshiba announces to unveil five new series of models with different sets of features. The most economic tag is detailed with L-series where Satellite L635 costs $620, Satellite L645 costs $516, Satellite L655 costs $570 and Satellite L675 costs $600.

Satellite C645 and Satellite C655 is marketed with an initial price $500 which is very distinct with its features. The Satellite T235 with a larger monitors 13.3-inch which is slightly larger than T215 a notebook has high multi-purpose capability with multi-touch option. Actually the models range from $400 to $800.

Toshiba is very hopeful about their new models as those are both stylish and work- friendly. Toshiba in fact associated with Intel and Nvidia for the high coverage of computer market. The high modification and enlarged option list of new models ensures the supremacy of Toshiba notebooks in the market.