The 3 D blue ray is a form of playback in videos that work best with a standard Blue disc. Showcased in CES 2008, not only does it make use of the same but is also compatible with non 3D Blu Ray. The Toshiba A665 – 3DV5 3D gaming laptop consists of a Blu Ray disc provision that lets you view the videos in Blu Ray disc mode.

This opens up a greater dimension in gaming laptops with a 3D facility built-in allowing users to enter a third dimension. The Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 3D gaming laptop is powered by the Intel core processor and an NVIDIA 3 D vision technology. This combination technology brings you images that seem to leap out of the screen. With a pair of 3D vision shutter glasses it is possible to view images and movies in the true light that they are displayed in. Even when not switched on to 3D there is quite a lot of features available on the Toshiba Satellite A 665 gaming laptop. Toshiba has unveiled the next dimension and generation of 3D facility to play the world`s first 3D ready HD laptop.

You receive speakers and a Dolby system to play on the laptop speakers. The sleep and music technology on a USB allows you to use MP3 players, even in a sleep mode. Picture quality is crisp with a great resolution. It plays Nvidia GTS 350M graphics with built in speakers.

The sleek Toshiba satellite A665 gaming laptop comes with a Intel core i7 processor, with 4GBDDR3 RAM, up to 500 GB HDD with 3D impact sensors. It also consists of a 39.6cm TrueBrite HD display. A blu Ray disc rewritable drive is also available. A Bluetooth 2.1 facility is available with EDR plus WLAN, gigabit Ethernet Lan. There is 3 x USB 2.0 ports, 1x eSATA / USB combo port with Sleep and Charge facilities as well as a Multi-Card Reader, and HDMI available in the laptop.

Other features include Toshiba resolution, Toshiba Media controller plug-in software, and Toshiba LifeSpace which is an easy to use organization tool consisting of a bulletin board and Visual representation of recently used files. Toshiba uses an update for its software that can well revitalize the laptop. Where previously one has to install the dual ocular content direct to the hard drive, the  producer promise a video player application that converts your existing 2D content into 3D, including a firmware that enables one to stream 3D video over an integrated HDMI port.

Conclusively, the Toshiba Satellite A665 – 3DVS 3D Gaming laptop is one to recon. Its stereoscopic 3D playback and streaming makes it quite unique and a class in itself. Its features are as is above and makes it stand out among a host of other 3D machines that provide one with the facility of gaming over the laptop using it like a gaming console. The Toshiba 3D Gaming laptop is one with the facility of online gaming that can be done from the comfort of your living room.