Toshiba Corp. has come up with the news that the company is going to increase its international market share of LCD television to 10% in the fiscal year 2011. The company aims to achieve comparatively higher targets compared to the shares it currently has in the international market in the field of LCD televisions.

Expansion plans:

Toshiba is planning serious expansion in many other arenas as well just to secure more of its share from the international market. The company plans to come up with more products introduced into the consumer electronics sections and it also intends to expand to the emerging market to a level of 50% in the fiscal year 2010.

The company has many of its sales targets to be achieved in China and the ASEAN countries in particular. Toshiba plans to raise the sales ratio of its product by 30% in the said regions in order to promote trade in the local regions getting the most out of the high-tech consumer products that it makes.

Toshiba also intends to increase the use of Regza more often and along with other similar products such as Blu-Ray disc recorders and other visual equipments so that more and more people are attracted towards the deal. Regza is the brand name that Toshiba has been using for the LCD Television range over all these years.

3D Regza:

Toshiba is planning to start selling the 3-D version of Regza in Europe and U.S. by the end of the current fiscal year as well. The 3-D version of Cell Regza is an upscale LCD TV that provides 3-D vision at the same time. The product is currently being offered in Asia only but the current news refer to the arrival of the product in the west pretty soon.

The company even intends to come up with advanced models of every consumer product and is determined to beat many of the international competitions with other companies providing high end consumer electronics.

Similar products:

With the launch of 3-D TV in this summer, the company has come up with some of the very innovative products in the start of this year. The LED TV was one of these remarkable ones. The LED TV has transformed into the 3D LCD TV later this year. The backlit LED TV was certainly an excellent move into the market of displaying technology and the same technology will be used up for other purposes apart from jus the Television purpose.

Toshiba is one of the contemporary electronic companies around the world and the lineup of LCD television has been remarkable for quite some time now. The expansion plans will get Toshiba a lot of revenue in case the plans are deployed in the appropriate directions. This is going to give them greater revenue and greater share in the market of LCD television as well as other consumer electronic goods.