In yet another unprecedented move, Toshiba has decided to join the band wagon of the tablet market. In order to make a “soft landing” on entering the market, Toshiba is taking no risks, as its releasing its tablet in Windows and Android operating system.  Unlike other contenders that are yet to unveil their answer for the iPad tablet; Toshiba is seeking a strong customer base by, releasing its tablet in two operating system platforms, which will ensure greater market penetrability.

The Toshiba tablet will be dual screen, on one side featuring the Windows operating system and on the other side featuring the Android operating system.  By this ingenious device, Toshiba is looking keener to exploiting revenues from the Android applications market, which is experiencing a boom. Similarly, by a Windows operating system will certainly.

Some of the features of Toshiba’s tablet are as follows:

  • 10 inch, foldable dual screen.
  • Twin operating system support  for Windows and Android
  • Enabled keyboard connectivity
  • Wi-Fi

These are just some of the features that Toshiba’s dual screen tablet seeks to bring in to the tablet market.

The release date of the tablet has not been released yet. Similarly there is not second guessing of the price, as Toshiba has yet to decide its benchmark with the current booming tablet market.