The emergence of Facebook as an online social and engaging network brought with it a lot of competition not only to other social networks but also to online giants like Google. Simultaneously, other companies like Apple faced competition from other directions, with the emergence of the iPhone into the market. It being one of the latest mobile fix, Mr. Simon Andrew, founder of the full service mobile agency addictive, inquires whether Apple can continue to dominate in the market or if Google can ever compete with Facebook. Lately, focus from consumers has been on the iPhone when it came to the topic of mobile phones. Stiff competition in the mobile world has been due to the series of innovative products launched by Apple, causing raised expectations from the market and similar response from the rest of the market.

Google vs. Facebook

Since its inception, Facebook has grown quickly to become one of the most visited social networks worldwide, bringing with it stiff competition in markets where there are established competitors like My space, Tagged, Ibibo Hi 5 and the like. Other companies like Google, being similar to Facebook by being an online company but different by being a non-social operator, are also feeling the heat, As Google need to stay on top, they are rumored to be in the process of making another go to be a top player in the social and networking fields with Google Me. This may also offer them a new and strong area for advertisement. But it will have to take more than that for Google to stay on the top for a wee longer than other companies have.

You tube

In an effort to create a video OS, You tube, owned by Google Inc. are making an effort to immaculate their mobile website. The Operating system will be able to work on any gadget with a screen. Boasting of currently serving over 100 million videos per day through mobile, then mobile phone usage is an important target for You tube. Assuming that there expectations will come to pass, in five years there will be more people accessing the web on mobiles than on laptops and desktops.

When Google bought the company in late 2006, it stood at serving 100 million on home and office computers. Currently, it serves over 2 billion daily clips through all its distribution channels.

Browser vs. Application

Google are currently pushing for the YouTube browser as an alternative to the application. This will support the analysis that services can be as convincing in the browser as they are in the applications.

The total environment is accelerating the competition and competence in the market. Actually in the current tech market success depends upon the ability to take new and adopt with new systems and taking steps accordingly. Thus the run of Facebook and Google is not only the run of them, but step of total tech world indeed.